"Prevention is an ever-evolving field.  Keeping current with effective prevention strategies can be a challenge. Our Education Center is designed to open the door to learning for new and continuing prevention professionals who are working to bring evidence-based prevention to their community.  Welcome."                                                                                                                   


Zili Sloboda

President & CEO


Bringing evidence-based knowledge and practice to prevention professionals around the world


Over the past few years, Applied Prevention Science International has been the leader in the development and delivery of evidence-based prevention education around the world. Considering the busy schedules and specific needs of today's prevention professionals, APSI created its own Education Center to give on-line access to prime education to prevention professionals around the world. APSI-EC focuses in the delivery of specific courses to enhance the knowledge and capacity of prevention professionals on the development and implementation of evidence-based prevention policies and interventions to guarantee quality and effectiveness and reaching the best outcomes for the community.

 10 Prevention Questions

Prevention Science is an evolving field with many years of research, we want to invite you to access the video to the left where we provide an introduction to evidence-based prevention by answering THE 10  key prevention questions. 

1. What is psychoactive substance use? 

2. How can Prevention Science help to address Psychoactive Substance Use in the real world?

3. What are Evidence-based Prevention Interventions and Policies?

4. Why is it important to address the Developmental Nature of Psychoactive Substance Use?

5.Why do prevention staff need to know Critical Theories?

6.How does the Etiology Model explain why people get involved with substances?

7.What are the Environments for Prevention?

8.How does positive Socialization play a role in prevention?

9.What are the goals in Training Prevention Professionals?

10.How do Prevention Ethics get addressed?


APSI-EC delivers a series of webinars and live on-line courses facilitated by prevention experts to address different topics of evidence-based prevention interventions development and implementation applied to different settings and processes: Schools, Families, Community, Workplace, Environmental, Media, Monitoring and Evaluation and Physiology and Pharmacology for Prevention Professionals. .


Facilitated live web-based training for independent prevention professionals who wish to continue their professional development and education.

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For public and private entities that want to train their staff in evidence-based prevention. Different packages and training methodologies are  customized to fit the  needs of your organization.



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